Christine L Bowen (CLB​) has over 30 years of combined experience in the areas of visual communication, professional networking, and mass media. Her career started in her homeland (Kingston, Jamaica) at the age of 16. She was a highly sought after graphic design professional, with her impressive client roster including Bank of Jamaica, Mutual Life Insurance Company and several local businesses.

After studying Graphic Design & Photography at The Edna Manley College for Visual & Performing Arts, CLB migrated to the USA in 1992. She pursued a 15-year corporate career specializing in the fields of art distribution, graphic design, web development, and project management. In 2007, she resumed her entrepreneurial career as a creative consultant, and branched into the arenas of professional networking, and media broadcasting.

Over the last decade, CLB has been recognized by LinkedIn, Klout, and Kred as a top 0.1% global social influencer in her areas of expertise, with her TV show averaging 500+ live viewers and 200 replays per episode to date, in over 135 countries worldwide.

Drawing from her extensive experience, CLB passionately serves fellow heart-centered proffefssionals who desire to achieve a higher level of excellence with their brand identity & social presence. Her unique approach inspires you to infuse greater consciousness, connection, and creativity into your TOTAL presence.

CLB’s multi-genre passion for music dates back to early childhood days. Her love for Hip-Hop began when The Sugarhill Gang first hit the scene. From teenaged to young adult years, she was a popular resource for mixtapes, with DJ requests ranging from street battles to house parties. Witnessing the birth and growth of The Hip-Hop Museum collection fueled her desire to return to the music scene and deepen her knowledge of Hip-Hop culture.


In November 2018, museum founder & collector, Jeremy Beaver invited CLB to join the team. She immediately hopped on board to create and promote the museum’s brand.

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Creative Consultant / Digital Content Director

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