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Autographed O.C. Word...Life


Songs: 14

Label: EMI Records

Format: CD

Released: 1994

Genre: Hip Hop


O.C.'s auspicious debut announced the arrival of one of modern rap's more gifted storytelling lyricists. The artist dropped his thesis on "Time's Up", a '90s rap benchmark track that separated rap's true school from its ever-expanding species of frauds. On that track, O.C. takes umbrage with money-grubbing fake MC's over a combined droning bass guitar and well-plucked sample from Slick Rick's "Hey Young World." The album is drenched in classic, hard-core East Coast B-boyism, but O.C. puts the boasts on the shelf to take up more existential subject matter. On "Born 2 Live" he spins wistful fables from his childhood in order to discuss life's bittersweet fragility: "born to live/a life to die/life's so damn short and I wonder why." O.C.'s connections to Organized Konfusion and D.I.T.C. shine through on his debut, showcasing a thought-provoking intellectual diversity rarely seen on rap albums. Organized's Pharaoh Monche sits on the album, as do producers Buckwild, Lord Finesse, and Ogee.



Autographed O.C. Word...Life

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