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Shirt King Phade Graffiti Train (7" Double Sided)



  • 7"  train
  • The alloy subway car has a pull back and go function
  • Fully licensed
  • 1:100 scale die-cast NYC MTA subway car
  • Different artwork on each side of the train
  • Car has flashing lights and sounds


Edwin was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in the Bronx during the early days of Hip-hop's emergence. He became a graffiti artist/photographer and mastered painting on the subways on NYC while shooting g his work. While attending Savannah College of Art and Desgn, he began airbrushing on t-shirts and birthed the idea of using graffiti and fusing airbrushed designs with fashion. 

Shirt King Phade Graffiti Train (7" Double Sided)

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