Growing up in Hollis, Queens in the early 80s around Hip-Hop Icons Run DMC and LL Cool J motivated Geechie Dan to begin collecting audio recordings of Hip-Hop parties and park jams that took place throughout the NYC Tri-State area. In 1983, he started emceeing. He also joined (and remians a member of) NY based Hip-Hop Organization ZULUNATION.

In 1984, a rap confrontation with Hip-Hop Legend LL Cool J led them to a battle. Days later, he took his first loss in an MC battle. He joined Long Island based Hip-Hop Radio Crew Spectrum City WBAU college radio at Adelphia University in 1984 – consisting of Bomb Squad Producers, Hank and Keith Shocklee, Chucky D (now known as Chuck D from Hip Hop group Public Enemy), and MC DJ Flavor (AKA today as Flavor Flav), Bill Stephany (AKA Mr Bill), DOCTOR DRE from YO MTV RAPS, Son of Berserk, Dj Johnnie Juice, JVC Force, Townhouse 3, Nasty 4, Deadly 3, Mighty Choice 5 MCs, Original Concept. Dymanic Brothers from Freeport.

Geechie Dan received a record deal contract from independent record label Public Records in 1986 for the song “Let’s Dance” after being referred to the label by Hip-Hop Queens Park Jam legend MC Mikey D. However, he declined the opportunity due to the involvement with Jehovah Witnesses. His mother and the organization were adamant that he not pursue his dream of a career in rap music.

In 1990, he won a rap contest that was put together by New Orleans based Black Cat Productions which resulted to winning a trophy and $500.00 and an opportunity to record a rap for a New Orleans R&B singing group and record at Paisley Park Studios, MN – the recording home for Pop Superstar Prince.

In 2008, Geechie Dan wrote and published the book “The Kingdom Hall No More” in which he discusses his 16-year involvement in the Kingdom Hall and Jehovah Witnesses. His 1st season of “The Geechie Dan Hip-Hop Tape” show in 2015 on the Hilltop Radio format on blog talk radio with DJ Shawn. He started his 2nd season in 2016 on the FLOempire Radio in NYC in April 2016 with DJ Kool K Gee. His 3rd season started in 2017 on DSN Network in the Bronx with DJ Kid Flash. Season 4 began in 2018 on DSN Network in the Bronx and Linkage Radio 101.7 FM in NYC DJ Scratch Masta Jazzy G. In 2019 they launched HIP-HOP ICON Music channel.

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