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Biz Markie Pillow - My Puppet Pal


Add a touch of hip-hop nostalgia to your home with the Biz Markie Pillow - My Puppet Pal. This unique pillow pays tribute to the legendary Biz Markie, featuring a playful design inspired by his iconic puppet from the "Me and the Biz" cover.



  • Size: 19" x 19"  The perfect size for your couch, bed, or favorite chair
  • Metal Chains: Authentic metal chains adorn the pillow, adding a touch of bling and staying true to Biz Markie's signature style
  • Grey Pillow Background: A sleek grey background provides a versatile and stylish backdrop, ensuring the pillow complements any decor
  • Outfit from Iconic Photoshoot: The design showcases Biz Markie in his outfit from an iconic photoshoot, capturing his unique persona and charm


Bring the spirit of Biz Markie into your living space with this charming and stylish pillow. Perfect for fans of hip-hop history and anyone who appreciates unique, themed home decor.


Biz Markie Pillow - My Puppet Pal


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