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Can I Remix You A Drink? T-Pain's Ultimate Party Drinking Card Game for Adults



  • 87 Card Deck Drinking Game
  • By T-PAIN and Kathy Iandoli


T-Pain’s Ultimate Drinking Card Game for Adults (Adult Drinking Game, Party Card Game, Cocktail Challenges, Group Fun Night)

T-Pain first mastered the art of mixology with his cocktail book, ‘Can I Mix You A Drink?’. Now, he shares the Remix—an ideal gift that’s perfect for dialing up the fun at your next party, hangout, or as a unique addition to your adult game collection. This ultimate adult drinking card game is designed to elevate any party, gathering, or social event, making it a standout addition to game night essentials.

Starting with 7 cards each, players aim to mix, remix, and drink their way to zero cards. The 87-card deck, brimming with T-Pain’s iconic musical themes, includes cocktail recipe ingredients and fun game modifiers. Easy to learn and play, it’s ideal for party enthusiasts, adult game nights, social icebreakers, and music fans. Players engage in a lively mix of strategy and chance, with each card play inching them closer to the victory cry of ‘Remix!’—signifying the end of the game.

‘Can I Remix You A Drink?’ is more than just a game; it’s an entertaining experience, promising a night filled with laughter, engaging moments, and light-hearted fun. Perfect for enhancing parties, pre-game activities, or casual evenings, this game is the ideal gifting choice for adults and a must-have in any adult’s party game repertoire. A quintessential choice for adults seeking entertainment with a twist, it’s a top pick for anyone looking for creative party games, easy-to-play card games, and unique gifts for music and cocktail lovers.


Can I Remix You A Drink? T-Pain's Ultimate Party Drinking Card Game

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