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Debbie Harry - Blondie (Parallel Lines)



  • 3.75"
  • Microphone
    • w/ Yo MTV Raps Card Option
    • (1) Original Fab Five Freddie Collectors Card


  • Influence on Hip-Hop: Blondie's music, particularly their 1981 single "Rapture," played a crucial role in introducing hip-hop culture to a wider, mainstream audience. "Rapture" is notable for being one of the first songs to incorporate rap lyrics and elements into a pop/rock song.

  • "Rapture" and Rap: In "Rapture," Debbie Harry rapped a verse, making her one of the first white artists to embrace rap in their music. The song also included references to prominent figures in hip-hop culture, such as Fab Five Freddy and Grandmaster Flash, further connecting Blondie to the emerging hip-hop scene.


No mere disco diva, Debbie Harry helped her group Blondie bring elements of disco, punk, rock, new wave, and hip-hop music to the mainstream! This 3.75” scale, articulated Blondie ReAction Figure of Debbie Harry is inspired by the cover art from the “Parallel Lines” album and features the lead singer in a white dress with blond and black hair, along with a microphone accessory. One way or another we know you’ll find a way to getcha, getcha, getcha the Blondie ReAction Figure of Debbie Harry from “Parallel Lines”!

Debbie Harry- Blondie (Parallel Lines)


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