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Ghostface Killah Hand Puppet - My Puppet Pal



  • Only 1 Made Exclusive with The National Hip-Hop Museum
  • 20" tall 
  • Wearing his iconic Durag, Jewelry, and Beanie
  • Materials: Fleece, Wood, Foam, Cotton, Plastic, Metal
  • Hand entrance at the bottom of the puppet. This puppet will fit the hands of children and adults.


Introducing our Ghostface Killah Hand Puppet! Inspired by the iconic rapper and member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, this hand puppet captures the essence of Ghostface Killah in a fun and engaging way. Modeled after his distinctive style and persona, this puppet is perfect for fans and collectors alike.


Get your Ghostface Killah Hand Puppet today and bring a piece of hip-hop history to life! Whether you're recreating iconic moments or adding flair to your collection, this puppet is a must-have for any true fan.


Ghostface Killah Hand Puppet - My Puppet Pal

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