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Official Tame One x Cheech Wizard Action Figure Set With Marker



  • Limited Edition of 50
  • Each figure comes packaged with a marker, straight from Tame One’s collection, used by him during his lifetime. This makes each set a museum piece.
  • Each figure comes with an official Cheech Wizard companion figure. 
  • Hand numbered
  • Hand painted
  • Officially licensed by Tame One’s mother & Mark Bode.


This Tame One figure was created to pay tribute to the late, great legendary rapper/graffiti artist Rahem R. Brown. Mostly known for his music with the Artifacts and bridging the gap between music and graffiti, we wanted to celebrate his life by doing the same with this art figure set.


After having many conversations with his mother Darlene it was easy to see Tame’s true love for street art. Several times it was brought to our attention that Vaughan Bode’s iconic Cheech Wizard character was his favorite character. So much that he was even laid to rest in his favorite hoodie which was the Cheech Wizard x Puma collaboration. It became evident to us that we had to reach out to Mark Bode to get his permission to include Cheech for this set. So we did just that, and he was kind enough to give us the permission we needed to make this collaboration 100% possible.

Official Tame One x Cheech Wizard Action Figure Set With Marker