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Africa Straight Path Jewlz


Pendant: Red/Blk/Green Background 2.25" ~ Beadwork: Red, Black and Green accent beads



  • 15" including pendant, over-head
  • One-of-a-kind Custom Blown Glass Pendants.
  • Flameworked borosilicate dichroic glass pendant


These custom beaded necklaces are dichroic blown glass art pieces that represent a message of positivity, they are beaded with flawless quality, integrity, boundless creativity, love, and all by hand. They are inspired by many different forms of expression from music, poetry, art, film and fashion. Exclusive and custom to each individual the piece represents knowledge, experience, strength, and hope. Those who wear SPJ pieces are dubbed extended family members of Nasir’s movement. These family members come from many different walks of life and do not just live in the United States. SPJ pieces are worn by new family in Australia, Africa, Germany, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and Japan and many more.  SPJ is ever evolving, and Nasir welcomes the challenge of bringing the ideas of his new family members to fruition. The pieces are unique to each customer from the image inside the glass pendants, to the beauty in the color scheme of the beading.

Africa Straight Path Jewlz

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