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Beats By Design: An Illustrated Inventory Of The Most Important Hip Hop Producers Vol. 1



  • Hardcover
  • 140 Pages
  • 2021


With Beats by Design, I wish to pay homage to the figure of the producer, artist, and visionary genius who often opts to stay behind the big spotlights while creating new musical trends and influencing entire generations.


There are 60 illustrations of producers in this first volume which contains the greatest exponents of hip-hop culture, from its dawn to the early 2000s. The selection of producers was made based on the impact and influence they had and still have on rap music and other genres, record sales, and hits well positioned in the charts.


Each producer is represented by an illustration, as well as a short biography, their most famous productions, my personal list of their favorite songs, and an inventory of instruments used to make the music. There are anecdotes, teachings, and thoughts about the art of beat-making, insights both into the music industry and the rap game, and so much more, everything told by the producers themselves through interviews released during their careers.


I hope this book can be a source of inspiration and study for all enthusiasts of beats and rap music.

Beats By Design: The Most Important Hip Hop Producers Vol 1

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