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NOTORIOUS B.A.T Art Toy - Hip Hop Toyz



  • 12 inches tall Resin Art Sculpture
  • Custom Box
  • Limited run of 100 pcs worldwide


The Notorious B.A.T. is the illest. This character is the premier art toy from Short Drop Studios. The 12″ sculpt fully uses the medium with the low-poly, faceted mic, the flowing cape, and of course, the steak, cheese, two eggs and a bottle of Welch’s riding low.


When the mic symbol illuminates the night sky, our hero takes to the streets to spread love across his beloved borough of Brooklyn. Even the utility belt represents a classic lyric from the “nicest Emcee.”



Biggie NOTORIOUS B.A.T Art Toy - Hip Hop Toyz

Only 1 left in stock
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