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The LADY PINK NY Subway Car Toy Train



  • Fully licensed
  • First edition of only 100 made
  • 1:100 scale die-cast NYC MTA subway car
  • Artwork on each side of the train
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity - hand signed by LADY PINK



In 1979 she started writing graffiti and soon was well known as the only female capable of competing with the boys in the graffiti subculture. Pink painted subway trains from the years 1979-1985. In 1982 she had a starring role in the motion picture "Wild Style". That role and her other significant contributions to graffiti have made her a cult figure in the hip-hop subculture.


Lady Pink's canvases have entered important art collections such as those of the Whitney Museum, the MET in New York City, the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and the Groningen Museum of Holland. She has established herself in the fine arts world, and her paintings are highly prized by collectors.

The LADY PINK NY Subway Car Toy Train

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