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"Preserving Hip-Hop History & Culture"

On the 40th anniversary of the release of Hip-Hop’s biggest breakthrough song, “Rapper’s Delight,” we thought the timing couldn’t be better to create the world’s first Hip-Hop Museum… REMIXED!

Instead of the standard sleepy permanent museums that most folks are used to, we thought it was time to change the perception of both museums and the way in which we pay tribute to the original pioneering music icons of Hip-Hop. And since there has never been a Hip-Hop Museum, why not make the first one a REMIX of the traditional museum experience… what could be more Hip-Hop than that?

So welcome to The National Hip-Hop Museum: A traveling art, food, fun, broadcasting, DJ, producer, performance, graffiti, B-boy, music concert experience that encompasses all aspects of Hip-Hop Music, History and Culture… coming to a city near you!

[RECAP] NHHMxATL Grand Induction Ceremony & Summer Concert
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The Hip-Hop Shop is the National Hip-Hop Museum's retail store specializing in rare and vintage Hip-Hop memorabilia and artifacts. from apparel to vinyl to action figures to sneakers, posters, books and artwork — The Hip-Hop Shop elicits nostalgia from those that grew up with Hip-Hop in the 70's, 80's and 90's

The House of Hip-Hop is a brand new art gallery from The National Hip-Hop Museum featuring visual artists that specialize in Hip-Hop, including Painters, Photographers, Digital Artists, Sculptors, Mixed Media, Videographers, Educators, Illustrators, Animators, and more!

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