The House of Hip-Hop is a brand new art gallery from The Hip-Hop Museum, DC. Located inside of Listen Vision Studios, DC's largest and oldest recording studio, the House of Hip-Hop Art Gallery will exclusively feature visual artists that specialize in Hip-Hop (Painters, Photographers, Digital Artists, Sculptors, Mixed Media, Videographers, Educators, Illustrators, Animators, etc.). The gallery will also feature select pieces of memorabilia from The Hip-Hop Museum's Collection which is the largest in the world. The Gallery's exhibit will rotate the installation and memorabilia every 30/60 days in an effort to spotlight the many talented artists and unique artifacts in The Hip-Hop Museum.

The Hip-Hop Museum team converged in NYC to attend the first ever Hip-Hop auction at Sotheby's Auction House! The enormity of what this represents for Hip-Hop cannot be overstated… and boy did we win some amazing items for the museum! Special thanks and shout-out to Monica Lynch (former President of Tommy Boy Records) for our private tour and to both Monica and Cassandra Hatton (VP, Senior Specialist - Sotheby's) for preserving Hip-Hop history & culture with this epic and historic curation of memorabilia!


Be sure to join us on October 9 for the Grand Opening of The House of Hip-Hop Gallery where we be displaying the items won at the auction, as well as the largest showcasing of Hip-Hop flyers and Tape Jams ever assembled! This exhibit will have limited availability each day and timed entries to maintain social distancing. The collection is very rare and may never be seen or assembled again so get your TICKET NOW!

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