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The National Hip-Hop Museum of Washington DC is the leading organization in Hip-Hop preservation, history and education. Our staff is comprised of the world's leading experts in all facets of Hip-Hop and can offer services geared towards exhibitions, pop-ups, performances, panels, speaking engagements, seminars, artifact accrual, film/radio/tv consulting and many more services to honor and expose one of America's most important exports!

Select the services you're interested in (check all that apply):

Group student rates for The House of Hip-Hop Gallery ($15ea for groups of 10+)

Guided Museum Tours & Hip-Hop Treasure Hunt ($125/hr in gallery)

Hip-Hop History Trivia Game with Artifacts & Prizes ($550/hr on site or $350/hr w/o artifacts)

Hip-Hop History in-person PowerPoint presentation by NHHM Historian Jay Quan with artifacts ($1,500/hr or $1k without artifacts)

Learn to DJ at your school or in our gallery ($250/hr at museum or $350/hr on site)

Learn to create your own tag and make Graffiti Art at your school or in our gallery ($250/hr at museum or $300/hr on site)

Learn to Breakdance at your school or in our event space ($350/hr at event space or $350/hr on site)

Learn to Write, Rhyme & Flow your own poetry at your school or in our event space ($250/hr at event space or $350/hr on site)

30-minute motivational Hip-Hop talk by NHHM Executive Dir. Master Gee (Founding Member of The Sugarhill Gang) followed by 30-minute Hip-Hop Trivia w/Prizes ($2,500k or $2k w/o Trivia/Prizes on site)

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  • Kool Herc's main working sound system used he used to create Hip-Hop from the mid 1970s into the 1980s

  • Hip-Hop Toy Retrospective (1977-Present)

  • Shadowbox Exhibit featuring highly creative montages of artifacts and memorabilia from over 50 of the most significant artists in Hip-Hop History

  • World's Largest Hip-Hop Sneaker Collection

  • World's Largest Hip-Hop Autographed Vinyl Collection

  • World's Largest Hip-Hop Autographed Microphone Collection

  • World's Largest Hip-Hop Jacket Collection 

  • World's Largest Collection of Hip-Hop Gold, Platinum & Diamond RIAA Awards

  • World's Largest Buddy Esquire Vintage Flyer Collection

  • Wild Style Exhibit featuring Original Hand-Drawn Animated Intro Film Cel from ZEPHYR and REVOLT. Contains original 1983 Movie flyer, Cast Jacket, Original Movie Poster

  • The Hip-Hop Shop Pop-Up: World's Largest Inventory of Hip-Hop memorabilia and Artifacts for Sale.

  • Hip-Hop Literature – Books, Magazines, and more

  • Hip-Hop Fashion – Rare Vintage Sneakers & Apparel

  • 50 Years of Hip-Hop Toys

  • Vintage Boombox Collection


  • Jay-Z's 1st Ever Gold RIAA Award dedicated to D&D Studios where "Reasonable Doubt" was recorded

  • Keith Cowboy of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 stage worn Cowboy hat which was present on-stage for the groups induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also, Keith Cowboy coined the phrase 'Hip-Hop'

  • "Invasion of the Assholes" Shock G aka Humpty Hump's self illustrated comic book never seen before.

  • 40 Mega Rare Original Prints of Never-Seen-Before Picture of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious 5 on tour and behind the scenes.

  • Original Demo Tape to Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black planet"

  • One-of-one Custom Jeff Hamilton Leather Snoop Dogg Jacket made for Suge Knight

  • Dapper Dan Gucci Rakim Jacket made for the 30th Anniversary of Yo MTV Raps Concert

  • Custom made costumes and clothes from The Fat Boys

  • A Brick from Eminem's childhood home in 8-Mile

  • Do The Right Thing' Brooklyn Street Sign Autographed by Spike Lee, Rare Nike Spizike's and Book 'SPIKE' Both Signed by Spike Lee

  • MF DOOM's only Gold RIAA Award Dedicated To His Original Stage Name 'Zev Love'

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