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Method Man OG x Concrete Jungle Collectible Statue. Limited edition of 300



  • Signed by Method Man and Steven Cartoccio
  • 3 replaceable heads
  • Collectible print and art box
  • Resin
  • 8 lbs


Method Man statue. Inspired by the Wu-Massacre art, the statue features the rapper as a supernatural force to be reckoned with, right-hand en fuego, gloved left pounding the ground. Clad in brown leather with a giant Wu-Tang Clan pendant around his neck.


Featuring a dramatic, cataclysmic backdrop the new release goes deep with three standard heads featuring Method Man wearing a bandana, smoking a cigar, and with one blind eye.


Finally, there’s a fourth bonus Judgement Day head featuring the rapper with razor-sharp teeth. Based on the album art for Tical 2000: Judgement Day the bonus head will be included with all pre-orders.

Method Man OG x Concrete Jungle Collectible Statue

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