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Transformers Bumblebee x Kano x Unruly Industries



  • 9" Tall
  • Kango -Style hat
  • Gold Chain
  • Mic 
  • The officially licensed Bumblebee vinyl art toy 


Kano taps into Bumblebee’s love of loud music for his new vinyl art toy of the popular Transformer from Unruly Industries. Stepping away from the fight and onto the stage, Optimus Prime’s trusted lieutenant goes into MC mode, with kangol-style hat, gold chain and of course, a mic to drop rhymes. While we haven’t seen his dance moves, the gold ‘BB’ on the front of the VW just might be doing double duty, for Bumblebee and BBoy.


kaNO’s design adds an old-school black + white vibe with Bumblebee’s classic black and yellow style. Cleverly playing off the Transformers concept, the interior portion of the Autobot’s feet reveal a classic black + white sneaker design. The old-school vibe continues with ‘kaNO’ in stylized lettering on the license plant in front and on the hood in the rear. kaNO finishes the design with his signature, stylized ‘K’ on the hat.


    Transformers Bumblebee x Kano x Unruly Industries

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