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CLB is a free-spirited Conscious Creative, with over thirty-five years of combined experience in Visual Communication, Professional Networking, and Mass Media.

She has studied under the tutelage of industry leaders, including Kute Blackson, Simon T. Bailey, Marshall Sylver, and Lisa Nicole Cloud, and has been recognized by Mashable and LinkedIn as a top one percent global influencer in her areas of expertise. Drawing from her extensive experience, she serves as a Creative
 Consultant, specializing in design and media for small business professionals.

A lifelong Spiritual Seeker and Practitioner, CLB is currently pursuing graduate studies in Conscious-Centered Living. To that end, she is focused on the relaunch of her media network
, divinely designed to liberate and stimulate creative minds.

By way of her parents’ influence, CLB’s deep passion for multi-genre music dates back to infancy. Her love for Hip-Hop began when The Sugarhill Gang first hit the scene. She was dazzled by both their unique sound and brand. As a teenage and young adult, CLB was a popular resource for mixtapes, with DJ requests ranging from street battles to house parties.

Witnessing the birth and growth of museum's collection fueled her desire to return to the music scene and deepen her knowledge of Hip-Hop culture. In November 2018, she partnered with her media mentor, NHHM Collector & Founder Jer
emy Beaver, to officially launch the museum.

As Digital Director, CLB consults on all aspects of NHHM's brand presence. She is also co-producer and co-host of the museum’s SiriusXM radio show “Master Gee’s Theatre”, in partnership with the legendary Master Gee of The Sugarhill Gang and Howard University Radio Network.



Conscious Creative / Digital Director 

Master Gee's Theatre BDay Celebration ft. Mad Skillz

Master Gee's Theatre BDay Celebration ft. Mad Skillz

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