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Sabino D. Espinoza (Dvious) started producing Hip-Hop beats at the age of 15 and fell in love with hip-hop in the late 70’s early 80’s when he was introduced to the Sugar Hill Gang via the TV show “Solid Gold.” Hooked on Hip-Hop, he became a break dancer, dancing to the music like Grand Master Flash, Mantronix, Malcom McClaren, Africa Bambaataa, Egyptian Lover, Whodini, Boogie Boys, Neucleus, Melly Mel, UTFO, Fat Boys, Run DMC, Debbie Debb, Man Parish and many others.

At the age 17, he did a lot of trading and a few illegal things with a friend to get his first TR-808, took it home and linked it together with a TR-707 his brother bought from the local music store. Excited because he felt he was emulating Mantronix album cover “Music Madness” and now had the equipment to make professional beats. FRESH…

A couple years later he got into rapping. Because he had the drum machines, he linked-up with his cousin Rick and Steve Martinez and their next door neighbor Fernando Archelletta. As B-Boys, they would go to party’s and weddings to breakdance and rap as entertainment.

His final component was developing his artistic-side visually with graffiti, cartoons, clothing and hair styles. It was these visually artistic skills which he developed that became the foundation for his ability to create “The Most Famous.” However, it was his DJ’ing for numerous major acts that sparked his creativity to want to create large stage props like this 8ft x 11ft BOOMBOX.

Prior to The Hip-Hop Museum, the Boombox was featured at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO on stage at the Jammin 101.5 and 107.1 Old School Concert in 2015 which was hosted by Coolio, Sir Mix A lot, Slick Rick, Africa Bambaatta. Devious abdicating sees fabricating the Boombox as just another part of Hip-Hop: Living it, Loving it and Passing it on.

As his alias Dvious, he has worked with local and major artists producing, recording and performing with Baby Bash(aka) Beesh, E-40, SPM and the dope house family, Jay O Felony, Mr. Dr Black market Records, Nate Dogg, Goldy Loc, Tre Dee, Odysea, Grimm, Rasheed, Rappin 4 Tay, D-Shot, BLegit, Frost, Lighter Shade of Brown, J.T. N-2-Deep. Plus the sons of Crème (Eric Clapton) Cofee Baker, Ginger Baker, and Malcom Bruce.

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Lead Fabricator / DJ / Producer / Creative

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District Spotlight with DJ Dvious (America's Largest Boombox)

District Spotlight with DJ Dvious (America's Largest Boombox)

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