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Daru Jones: Play the Breaks: Live from Layman (Deluxe Edition)



  • Signed Hardcover Copy
  • Bonus Content Interview with Morissa Schwartz
  • Release: Jan 2023
  • 34 Pages
  • Hardcover


Grammy-award winner, Daru Jones, talks about his time drumming on some favorite hits, including Jack White's "Lazaretto", Milk's "Brain", Inventors "Closer", Neon's "I'm Gonna Go Away Now", Pack's "L.T.A.I" and more! Hear about the inspirations, behind-the-scenes stories, and more behind each song!

“PLAY THE BREAKS” by Daru Jones. Where do I start? Daru Jones has to have the heaviest foot on a kick drum that I’ve been able to witness live – in my life! His snares are so snappy and slappy that it’s like you’re getting slapped in the face fourteen times every time he hits it. This particular album shows the history of him rocking breaks for incredible artists. And me, being known for what I do, (meaning the breaks) there’s nothing more satisfying to hear than this incredible, gifted musician display and tell you the story behind how he was inspired to create these pieces of what I call “mastepieces” as far as live drumming when it comes to Hip-Hop. So, as I always say when something means a lot to me or hits me hard – “Daru Jones PLAY THE BREAKS Live” is most definitely UBB APPROVED. Peace.

– BreakBeat Lou

Signed Daru Jones: Play the Breaks: Live from Layman (D.E.)

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