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Jacob Moss is a Digital Curator for the Hip-Hop Museum DC. He began work with the Museum at its conception in 2016 while he was working at Listen Vision Studios as the Digital Content Manager and Head Broadcast Engineer.


Jacob was born in New York, and went to the University of New Hampshire for a degree in Human Geography. Before moving to DC, he interned for VICE News, where he gained skills and knowledge about the media industry. In August 2020, he released a feature-length documentary entitled Immunotherapy: The Battle Within, a project he directed, shot, and edited, interviewing doctors and scientists from across Europe and the US, including the winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize.


Jacob currently lives in New York. You can find his work and more info at

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Jacob Moss Media / Digital Curator

Jacob Moss | Video Reel

Jacob Moss | Video Reel

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