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Skeme "STRICTLY SKEME" Graffiti Toy Train (Signed by SKEME)



  • Limited Edition of 100
  • Train
  • Lights and Sound
  • 5x7 Signed Print and Signed box
  • Sticker


First car in a two car (sequence numbered) "Married Couple"; second car : SECRET AGENT. The piece, a "window down, block-buster, end-to-end" was done in late 1981 in the "Gunill elevated Layup" on a super dark Saturday night within earshot of the famous T-Connection Club in The Bronx NY. Paint used: Rustoleum Silver, Black, and White. The outline for both cars was done on the spot. Photo: Henry C.

Skeme "STRICTLY SKEME" Graffiti Toy Train (Signed by SKEME)

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