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Technics Miniature Collection Toy Model



  • (1) Technics Miniature 
  • Individual toy dimensions (approx.): 1.4" x 1.4" x 0.4"


The miniatures are highly collectible, and these Technics models are no different. The miniatures are normally ‘blind boxed’ and packed at random but we have very carefully opened up the boxes and inspected the contents so you can choose the models you want. The models are still sealed in the original inner packaging.



SL-1200MK2  The iconic DJ deck, which featured, for the first time, a 100 mm slide pitch controller. In miniature form the scale is accurate. Includes dust cover.


SL-1200MK7  The body of matte texture is reproduced by painting, this deck – which was designed for DJs – was released in 2019 and has taken the DJ world by storm. Includes dust cover.


SL-1200GLD. The characterized gold-plated paint and commemorative plate are included in this highly accurate model. The color of the actual product is faithfully reproduced. Includes dust cover.


SL-DZ1200A flawless scale model, featuring all of the buttons and controls of the original. A CD is included and can be inserted and removed.


SH-DJ1200 × EAH-DJ1200A faithful miniature reproduction of the DMC battle mixer.


All details have been reproduced including the connections on the rear of the mixer.



Technics Miniature Collection Toy Model

PriceFrom $25.00

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