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Transformers Super Cyborg - Optimus Prime (Clear, Red, Blue)



  • 2 lbs
  • 11" Tall
  • 7 Point Articulation
  • Removable Chest Plate
  • Ion Blaster


In most instances, “seeing red” is a sign of imminent danger, but for the Autobots and their allies, seeing the red of Optimus Prime means that the Autobot leader is here to lend a mighty hand in the struggle against the evil Decepticons!


Inspired by the vintage Japanese Henshin Cyborg toys and features the Autobot leader in a translucent red and clear colorway, a removable chest plate that exposes his Cybertonian inner workings, and an Ion Blaster accessory! 

Transformers Super Cyborg - Optimus Prime

Only 5 left in stock