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Wild Style Framed Graffiti Artwork



  • Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop!
  • Artist: Jon Solid 
  • Black Frame 11" x 9"


SOLID is a New York City Graffiti artist. He has been doing Graffiti for over 40 years - originally on trains and walls.  He merged his eye for art with his love for HIP-HOP.   Known for his bright colors, his graffiti captures and maintains elements of HIP-HOP culture.  In every piece, he aspires to capture the viewer's attention and illicit memories of the beginnings of HIP-HOP. 

"I am not the art, the art is me. Every time an artist gives away a piece of his art, he gives away a piece of his soul. When the artist is gone the art will always remain.” SOLID

Wild Style Framed Graffiti Artwork