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The GOONBOX is the first vinyl toy by Philly artist Chris B. Murray. Known for his illustrations and prints, his work is world-renowned. 



  • Measures 7" in height
  • Exclusive Toronto Red Goonbox,  limited to 50 pieces made!
  • Custom-designed RAP KINGS box


About Chris B. Murray:

Chris grew up studying hip-hop culture, which has driven his design sensibility as well as his work as a professional artist. His ongoing Rap Kings illustrated series highlights the groups he grew up listening to as well as current-day artists. It started as a poster series, extended into other merch, and ultimately led him to create the series' first vinyl toy, GOONBOX!



The concept for the GOONBOX rap action figure is an intentionally vague mashup born out of the hip-hop era. This gritty street character incorporates pieces of some of Chris’ favorite rappers, groups, and various elements of hip-hop culture. 

Red Edition Rap Kings GOONBOX Vinyl Figure